Ecotope would like to thank the following funders:

Funding for the Base Sizing and Temperature Maintenance modules was provided by Southern Californa Edison.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District funded the Load Shift add-on module.

Ecotope would like to thank the following partners:

2050 Partners is a professional services consulting firm dedicated to energy efficiency, distributed energy resources, water efficiency, clean transportation, and decarbonization strategies. Their contractual oversight for this project, input, and involvement was invaluable.

ZYD Energy, a California-based consulting and technology development company, is focused on building decarbonization solutions centered on system integration and intelligent controls. Their technical review and input benefitted this sizer's development.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory supported the development of Ecosizer version 2.0, which includes ASHRAE load profiles for commercial building types and an updated load shift sizing calculation. The load shift sizing calculation is integrated into Ecosizer’s TECH HPWH calculator to more accurately allocate incentives for load shift capable central hot water plants in California.