What exactly is the Ecosizer?

It’s a web-based tool designed to size centralized heat pump water heater (HPWH) systems for multifamily buildings and help educate manufacturers, engineers, designers and suppliers about the benefits of implementing HPWH systems that reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Why was the Ecosizer created?

Until now, there hasn’t been a tool to help utilities, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers accurately size centralized heat pump water heater systems. The Ecosizer draws on industry data for its complex mathematical formulas, while allowing users to input their own project variables. The result is a tool that removes the guesswork from designing HPWH systems.

Who created the Ecosizer?

The Ecosizer was designed and built by Ecotope, Inc. , an energy efficiency research and HVAC engineering / design firm, in Seattle, WA. Southern California Edison (SCE) funded the Base Sizing and Temperature Maintenance modules, and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) funded the Load Shift add-on module.

Did you have any project partners?

Yes. 2050 Partners is a professional services consulting firm dedicated to energy efficiency, distributed energy resources, water efficiency, clean transportation, and decarbonization strategies. Their input, involvement and contractual oversight was invaluable. ZYD Energy, a California-based consulting and technology development company focused on building decarbonization solutions centered on system integration and intelligent controls , provided critical technical review and input.

Will Ecotope continue developing and refining the Ecosizer?

Yes, we believe there’s a significant need in the industry for the tool, and we plan to continue modifying the Ecosizer to make the tool as useful and accurate as possible.

We welcome your input on the Ecosizer – please share any thoughts you have via our feedback form.